Wine and Design Classes to continue in the Fall

Bring your favorite beverage, a group of friends, and your hidden artistic talents for three nights full of fun, fellowship and great art. In each class you will be taught, step-by-step, to paint an original acrylic painting that you will be able to take home that evening. The cost is $30.00 per session which includes all you supplies. Classes will be held Tuesday evenings beginning October 7,14,21,and 28 at 6:00-8:30 p.m. Fee is required prior to the class. Call the office to reserve your spot.

Children’s Performing Arts Camp-CANCELLED!!!!

Youth Artist Series 2013-2014- Huge Success

¬†Yeah to another successful “Youth Artist” series showing. Over 90 students, parents and family members visited the gallery to see the wonderful display of art talent in Marlboro County.
Winners were:
Grades K-2: Angela Rivers- McColl Primary- 1st place
Cora Frazier- Bennettsville Primary- 2nd place
A’ziyah Clark- Clio Elementary- 3rd place
Grades 3-5 Katlyn Terry- Bennettsville Intermediate- 1st place
Lawren Sweat- Wallace Elementary- 2nd place
Kara Graham- Bennettsville Intermediate- 3rd place
Grades 6-8 Dioni Clark- School of Discovery-1st place
Hannah Hudson- Blenheim Middle- 2nd place
Shymein Sturdivant- Bennettsville Intermediate- 3rd place
Grades 9-12 Jonathan Martian- MCHS- 1st place
Taylor Parker- Marlboro Academy- 2nd place
Bianca Covington- MCHS- 3rd place
Honorable Mention Jah’Kyah Robinson- Bennettsville Intermediate
Aloyseia Manning- Clio Elementary


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