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Marlboro Arts Council
Fire Hydrant Painting Contest Rules
The design should be appropriate for a public space and should not endorse an individual, business, be political in nature, or be offensive in any way.
Potential design themes include:
• Designs inspired by the work of famous artists;
• Designs with a whimsical or humorous twist that will make viewers smile;
• Context-sensitive designs that would uniquely connect a particular fire hydrant with its immediate surroundings;
• Colorful, abstract designs.
The fire hydrant should be kept clean and neat when not directly working
Registration and selection runs September 1, 2014 through May 1, 2015. All proposed designs must be submitted for approval during this period. Selected applicants will be notified.
 Painting of fire hydrants can begin as soon as proposal has been approved
 Only designated fire hydrants within the Main Street area are potential candidates for painting.
 The MAAC will not provide brushes and paint for decorating the fire hydrants although funding requests may be added as part of your proposal
 Paint only on the assigned fire hydrant.
 You must use only the paint the hydrants. Nothing can be attached to the fire hydrant.
 If words are included in your design, all words are to be in English only.
 You may use stencils, air brush with masking tape, or freehand your design.
You must stick to the design submitted in this application. If you desire to make changes, you must seek the arts council’s approval prior to changing your design.
If rules are not followed your hydrant will be painted over.
Fire hydrants that fall into a state that no longer enhance the immediate area will be painted over. For example, a hydrant that begins to peel or otherwise deteriorate.
Contact Phyllis Hubbard at to submit your proposal for approval. You will be notified of your acceptance.
By participating in the Fire Hydrant Design Contest you acknowledge that MAAC, Bennettsville Fire Department, City of Bennettsville, and Marlboro County and its affiliates are not responsible in any way for any injury or property damage directly or indirectly associated with this contest.
• By signing you have made all participants aware of all rules, guidelines and criteria associated with this contest.
Main Contact Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: _____________

MAAC Fire Hydrant Painting Project

Briefly describe your Fire Hydrant Painting Proposal (max. 50 words):

Do you have any past experience with public art programs? If so, please describe:

Number of people participating in this project: ___________________________________
Please include a complete color proposal of your design using the template form. (Required) Fire hydrant template
Application form may be submitted and postmarked by mail on or before May 1, 2015 to:
Marlboro Area Arts Council
Fire Hydrant Contest
P.O Box 765
Bennettsville, SC 29512
For questions, please email: Phyllis Hubbard or call the office at 843-479-6982

Available Fire Hydrants
# 1 – Corner of E. Main Street and Steed Avenue
# 2 – Main and Weatherly Street
# 3 – Main and N. Jordan Street
# 4 – Main and N. Everett Street
# 5 – Across from Marlboro Eye Associates
# 6 – Main and N. Cook Street
# 7 – Main and Livingston Street
# 8 – Main and John Street
# 9 – In front of First United Methodist Church on Main Street
# 10 – In front of Marlboro Family Dentistry
# 11 – In front of the Bennettsville Police Department
# 12 – Main and Marlboro Street
# 13 – Main and Broad Street
# 14 – In front of the Courthouse
# 15 – Main and Liberty Street
# 16- Main and Cheraw Street
# 17 –In front of the Thomas Memorial Baptist Church
# 18 – Main and Jennings Street
# 19 – Main and Murchison Street
# 20 – Main and Marshall Street
# 21 –Main and Wilson Street
# 22 – located at 717 W. Main Street
# 23 – located at 725 W. Main Street
# 24 – Main and Stornaway Street


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